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A-Series Foundation Deck

The A-Series Foundation Deck is installed to the concrete stem wall of the bin, allowing for access in various commercial applications.

A-Series Gates

Multiple configurations available, makes the A-Series Gate essential for any commercial application. Available in galvanized or painted yellow.

A-Series Sidewall Deck 

​Our commercial walkway option for travelling around the sidewall of the bin and load rated at 900 pounds per section.

A-Series Roof Stairs

Designed and load rated to AS1657-2003, OSHA, ASABE, and ANSI standards, allowing for rest landings on the bin roof every 18 steps for your commercial applications. 

A-Series Roof Deck

Designed to AS1657-2003, OSHA, ASABE, and ANSI standards for safety and reliability, providing rest landings for commercial applications.

Commercial Packages